mylaps x2 transponder

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mylaps x2 transponder


    To be able to track lap times, you need a transponder. This transponder is attached to the vehicle during the race and is detected every time the racer passes a …


    Part 1: Purchase a X2 Transponder subscription · Log into your MYLAPS account and select your transponder under ‘Products’ · Select the number of years you want …


    MYLAPS develops timing devices for all types of sports. Our products include transponders and chips for car and bike racing, MX, kart, … X2 Transponder.


    The X2 Racer pack brings the next-gen X2 Transponders to the track. · X2 is built on a new infrastructure and is capable of much more than timekeeping alone.


    The X2 is the trusted transponder for motorized sports and compatible with MYLAPS Timing Systems. This transponder requires a subscription. If you already have …


    The TR2 Transponder gives you all the information you need to start your race fully prepared. Due to a Bluetooth connection with the Speedhive app, it’s very …


    With a MYLAPS transponder you can use the free MYLAPS Speedhive app to check your … For TR2, CLASSIC & FLEX Transponders (Not for X2 Transponders).


    MYLAPS Transponders for various sports · TR2 transponder · X2 transponder · RC4 & DR5 · ProChip.


    MYLAPS X2 Pro is the most advanced data platform. The main new feature is 2-way communication, which enables transmission of messages and status info from and …

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