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The development of technology, the more rapid the day. Technology is like two different sides of a currency. On the one hand, technology creates happiness for its consumers, on the one hand it also creates sadness for people who have not been able or even unable to use the technology. For example, a building contractor will be easier and more happy with his work if he uses technology products in the form of software while he works. 

The software, will make the contractor easy and fast in completing his task. As a result, there will be many consumers who will come to him, and if the expertise of the contractor can be maintained and many consumers who come to him again to entrust the construction of a building to the contractor, then the contractor will be flooded with duties from the consumer, until he must speed up his duties.

Conversely, if there is a contractor who stutters technology, then he will have difficulty getting consumers, because consumers have predicted that if the consumer entrusts the construction to the contractor then the construction will last a long time. In addition, most consumers who use the services of contractors who stutter technology will underestimate the results of the contractor's thinking, although the work produced later will be better than contractors who are experts in technology.

Technology is like two different sides of a currency. On the one hand it brings profits, but on the other it also brings losses. However, I am convinced that every job done by humans is still at risk, even if the work has been handled by professionals or people who are very experts in their fields.


Software is a computer program that becomes a bridge between users and hardware. Software can also be defined as an application composed of a set of programming language codes.

It can also be said that the notion of software becomes a data that is programmed and stored digitally and intangible, but is inside a computer. There are also mentions that software is a collection of electronic data in the form of programs or instructions stored and managed by a computer.

Software itself is created by a programmer with a certain programming language which is then compiled into a code that can be recognized by hardware.

Software is created to facilitate human work, for example to calculate, create documents, process images and others.


In English it is called the Operating System and is often abbreviated os. Its presence in a computer is very important because without an operating system, users will not be able to run and utilize hardware and software.

The operating system is a complex software that has many functions, among others, organizing all hardware and integrated with the CPU, giving instructions to the processor to perform user requests, organizing all processes that occur in the CPU and becoming a platform to run application software.

This operating system ensures that different software can carry out their respective tasks, without interfering with each other. Here you can see its ability to manage scheduling, where each application running simultaneously can get time and enough to utilize the CPU.

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