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    Trial Consultants, Inc. … (TCI) is a firm specializing in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Trial Strategy. TCI pioneered the trial consulting specialty …


    Although trial consulting has been around for more than 20 years, it (along with many aspects of the legal system) became visible to the American public during …


    Trial consulting is the use of social scientists, particularly psychologists and communication experts, and economists, to aid attorneys in the presentation …


    Trial consultants who are involved in the development and implementation of trial strategies alongside attorneys will be interested to learn that attorneys …


    A trial consultant is an expert in a specific field that lends his or her expertise to prosecutors or defense attorneys. Though in the past this was often done …


    Jan 7, 2022 … During the trial, our trial consultants provide solutions that include: · Preparing juror questionnaires, drafting voir dire questions, and …


    Feb 28, 2022 … Evaluate & Prepare Witnesses. Jury consultants are masters at witness preparation and are often utilized by trial team members to prepare key …


    DecisionQuest’s legal trial consultants offer trial consulting services regarding high-stakes litigation with experience in over 20000 cases. Learn More!


    Trilogy Trial Consultants is a full-service jury research and litigation support company supporting the needs of law firms, corporate counsel, …

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