sell structured insurance settlements


    Yes, a judge must approve the sale of your structured settlement. Unlike commercially available annuities, structured settlement annuities are always subject to …


    If your financial needs have changed, selling a portion of your structured settlement payments may be the help you need to surmount any obstacles in front of …


    Transferring the rights, or “selling” future structured settlement payments, is an irreversible process. Once the transfer is final and you (the seller) have …


    But if you specifically have a structured settlement, and are receiving payments from an insurance company due to a lawsuit of some kind, we can almost …


    In general, by selling your payments to a structured settlement purchasing company, like RSL Funding, you receive your award money upfront and earlier than the …


    You can sell your structured settlement payments by working with a company that purchases structured settlement payments. They will help facilitate a transfer.


    Selling all or a portion of your future structured settlement payments may be the best way for you to obtain a lump sum of money for an unexpected expense, such …


    The Selling Process … The sale of any of your structured settlement payments must be approved by a judge in your area. That’s because of laws established by …


    Individuals who own structured settlements do have the right to sell them for cash. This can be done through factoring companies which provide a lump sum, cash …

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