report software piracy


    I WANT TO REPORT: *. An organization or business that is using or installing more software than it has licenses for. [+] Examples of this type of piracy …


    End User – For piracy at the company where you work or have worked. Distributor – For Reporting companies that illegally sell/distribute software.


    To learn the progress of your report, we ask that you please call our piracy hotline at 1-888-NO-PIRACY. A BSA | The Software Alliance team member will provide …


    If you were instructed to install and/or use pirated software by your employer, you can likely report the illegal use of the software without facing any legal …


    Software Piracy Program. By reporting software piracy to SIIA you could earn up to $1,000,000. · Confidentiality. SIIA has a strict policy to keep all …


    How to Report a Company That Uses Pirated Software · 1. Obtain the information needed to file a report with the BSA. · 2. Visit, or call 1-888-NO- …


    … as they will not be entitled to technical support or have access to information regarding upgrades. Find out how to report software piracy here.


    Dec 16, 2018 … It is no longer just the average consumer that might wind up in court for using pirated software.


    Nov 17, 2017 … Just report them to the BSA and get it over with. If they opt to give you a payout just donate it to a cause you care about.

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