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    WHAT IS THE JONES ACT? If a seaman’s injury or death is caused by the negligence of the seaman’s employers or fellow employees, the seaman can recover under the …


    Sep 13, 2017 … If you were injured in the course of working aboard a ship near the Louisiana coastline, you may be able to recover under the Jones Act.


    Jun 3, 2021 … claims because he did not satisfy the ‘zone of danger’ test established by the United States Supreme Court.” Under the Jones Act, in order to …


    The Jones Act was passed to ensure that individuals who are injured in maritime accidents are able to recover compensation for their losses. It covers all …


    Maritime and offshore platform injury law is very complex. Our experienced, committed offshore injury or maritime lawyer can provide a successful …


    The Jones Act protects maritime injuries and illness in workers. Contact our Louisiana maritime law firm at 225-412-6348 for expert representation in your …


    Jones Act Seaman Claims. Our maritime personal injury lawyers at Thornhill Law Firm, A PLC, have the knowledge and experience to successfully represent seamen …


    Jones Act damages are not limited, as is typically the case with traditional workers’ compensation. Under the Jones Act, an injured plaintiff may sue and …


    Free Consultation – Call (800) 259-4460 – The Dunahoe Law Firm helps victims … Maritime/Jones Act Claims – Natchitoches, Louisiana Boating Accident Lawyer.

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