federal criminal defense lawyers

  1. www.thefederalcriminalattorneys.com

    Our federal criminal defense lawyers provide experienced legal representation for clients in Southern California and throughout the United States.

  2. federalcriminaldefenselawyers.com

    Our defense attorneys have extensive experience defending clients in both state and federal courts and we know what it takes to raise a winning defense against …

  3. www.pagepate.com

    Page Pate, Jess Johnson, and Tom Church are consistently ranked among the country’s top federal criminal defense attorneys. Together, they have over over 40 …

  4. federal-lawyer.com

    Lynette Byrd, federal lawyer Our experienced federal criminal defense practice consists of representing individual and corporate clients accused …

  5. www.nacdl.org

    A Defender’s Guide to Federal Evidence: A Trial Practice Handbook for Criminal Defense Attorneys Cover · Modern Digital Evidence & Technologies in Criminal Cases …

  6. federalcriminaldefense.pro

    DANIEL PERLMAN DEFENSE ATTORNEY … Federal Criminal Defense Pro represents those facing criminal charges for federal offenses in California and throughout the …

  7. federalcriminaldefense.pro

    How to Hire a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer · Choose the right kind of lawyer. · Make sure he has experience handling cases like yours. · Find a lawyer who knows …

  8. saputo.law

    Attorney Paul Saputo is an experienced federal defense lawyer who has the expertise and resources to take on the best federal prosecutors in the United …

  9. www.kurtzandblum.com

    At Kurtz & Blum, PLLC, our aggressive Federal criminal defense attorneys have the savvy and experience you need to protect your rights and fight effectively for …

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