The Free Wikipedia Encyclopedia

The Free Wikipedia Encyclopedia
The Free Wikipedia Encyclopedia

Wikipedia is a free, open-source, multilingual online encyclopedia that anyone with internet access can edit. It was launched in 2001 and is now one of the largest and most widely-used sources of information in the world. Wikipedia is maintained by a community of volunteers, known as "Wikipedia editors," who write and edit articles on a wide range of topics. The site is supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation, which provides the infrastructure and support for the site to operate. Wikipedia's articles are written from a neutral point of view and are rigorously reviewed and edited to ensure accuracy and impartiality. The site is available in over 300 languages and contains over 6 million articles in English alone.

An encyclopedia is a comprehensive reference work that provides information on a wide range of topics. It can be in print or digital format and is usually organized alphabetically by subject. An encyclopedia provides a broad overview of each topic and is often written in a way that is accessible to the general public. It is designed as a resource for people who want to learn about a particular subject or gain general knowledge. Encyclopedias can be specific to a particular field or discipline, or they can cover a wide range of subjects. With the rise of the internet, digital encyclopedias, such as Wikipedia, have become a popular source of information and have made encyclopedias more widely available to people around the world.

Free refers to something that is available without charge or cost. In the context of encyclopedias, "free" typically means that access to the information contained within the encyclopedia is available to anyone without having to pay a fee or subscription. This is in contrast to traditional print encyclopedias, which can be expensive to purchase or subscribe to. The availability of free encyclopedias, such as Wikipedia, has greatly increased access to information for people around the world and has made it easier for people to learn and expand their knowledge. The idea of "free" can also refer to freedom, as in free speech or free software, meaning that the information or product is not restricted or censored and can be used, modified, or distributed as desired.

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