Get Listed On Wikipedia

Get Listed On Wikipedia
Get Listed On Wikipedia

Get Listed On Wikipedia

1. To be listed on Wikipedia, you or your organization must meet Wikipedia's notability criteria, which assesses the significance or fame of the subject. If you believe your subject is notable, you can create a Wikipedia page by following these steps:

2. Make an account: You must have an account to create a Wikipedia page.

3. Research existing pages: Search for existing pages on similar topics to see how they are structured and formatted.

4. Write a draft: Write a draft of the page in a text editor or sandbox page.

5. Cite your sources: Make sure to include reliable sources to support the information on the page.

6. Publish the page: When you are satisfied with the page, publish it on Wikipedia.

It is important to note that Wikipedia is a community-edited platform, and your page may be subject to editing or removal if it does not meet Wikipedia's standards for accuracy and neutrality.

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