1. www.ibm.com

    With ACIF you can do these tasks: Convert line data, XML data, or mixed data into Mixed Object Document Content Architecture for Presentation (MO:DCA-P) …

  2. www.ibm.com

    AFP Conversion and Indexing Facility (ACIF) is a batch application development utility. You can use ACIF to create documents by formatting line data (record …

  3. en.wikipedia.org

    the AFP Conversion and Indexing Facility or ACIF is an Advanced Function Presentation utility program. ACIF is distributed with Print Services Facility for …

  4. tybermedical.com

    The comprehensive and versatile Tyber Medical ACIF Interbody Spacer was designed for ease of use. The spacer offers the following features and benefits:.

  5. www.emilamerica.com

    Acif’s stoneware tile collections are designed to bring Italian tradition and style to every ceramic surface. Craftsmanship that becomes art, …

  6. amia.org

    AMIA Clinical Informatics Fellows (ACIF) is the home within AMIA for Clinical Informatics Fellows nationwide. … Clinical Informatics sits at the interface of …

  7. acif.ucr.edu

    The ACIF is a campus wide facility housed in the Department of Chemistry and consists of four components: Mass Spectrometry, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) …

  8. www.acif.com.au

    ACIF is the meeting place of the leaders of the construction industry in Australia, supporting all players in the asset building process with credible …

  9. testdirectory.questdiagnostics.com

    Varicella-Zoster Virus Antibody (Immunity Screen), ACIF – A positive titer (≥1:4) by anticomplement immunofluorescence (ACIF) indicates a history of past …

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