xneelo dedicated server

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xneelo dedicated server

  1. xneelo.co.za

    Power up your Self-Managed Server! … Order your server today and customise your hardware. Customisation fee of R275 applies. … Requires an additional Windows …

  2. xneelo.co.za

    Tailor-make your own hosting packages. Leave the server administration to us. 24/7 internationally awarded customer service. Powerful Linux server dedicated …

  3. xneelo.co.za

    Our Self-Managed Server provides you with the freedom and flexibility to create a self-managed custom server environment.

  4. xneelo.co.za

    We’ll help you to get going with your Self-Managed server.

  5. xneelo.co.za

    What is Managed Server hosting? A Managed server provides you with an entire web server specifically dedicated to your needs, yet fully administered by our …

  6. xneelo.co.za

    To access your server via SSH you need to have a Windows SSH client such as Putty installed on your workstation: Click on ‘Start’ and select ‘Run’ …

  7. xneelo.co.za

    New customers: Once you’ve decided on your ideal hosting package, create an xneelo account by completing our registration. This provides access to the konsoleH …

  8. xneelo.co.za

    Colocation, Managed and Self-Managed server topics.

  9. xneelo.co.za

    Find information on setting up firewalls on either Linux or Windows servers.

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