ware whare

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ware whare

  1. www.urbandictionary.com

    A colloquial name in New Zealand for the large department store chain The Warehouse. Ware Whare is a phonetic translation of the Maori name. Pronounced and …

  2. www.thoughtco.com

    Sep 4, 2019 … Ware is a collective noun and used both in the singular (“ware“) and plural (“wares”) forms to mean the goods or commodities that a merchant or …

  3. www.oxfordreference.com

    noun (Ware pronounced to rhyme with Whare) (The or Te Ware Whare) jocular a pseudo-M?ori version.

  4. definithing.com

    a colloquial name in new zealand for the large department store chain the warehouse. ware whare is a phonetic translation of the maori name. pr-nounced and …

  5. nghialagi.net

    Ware Whare is a phonetic translation of the Maori name. Pronounced and sometimes spelt “wuddy fuddy”. Ware Whare meaning. Slang term for New Zealand store, The …

  6. grammarist.com

    Related terms are wares, wared, waring. Ware comes from the Old English word waru meaning article of merchandise.

  7. www.gingersoftware.com

    The hosts have beautiful silverware, cookware, and glassware. Wear. Definition. Be dressed in. Examples. She was wearing yellow that day.

  8. www.dictionary.com

    Ware definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!

  9. writingexplained.org

    How to spell wear. Learn the difference between wear and ware with definitions and sentence examples. How do you use wears and wares? Find out here.

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