The name of the blog

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The name of the blog


    Aug 25, 2022 … Best Buy. Dunkin’ Donuts. Coca-Cola. PayPal. Lois Lane. Fred Flintstone. What do all these names have in common? They’re all …


    Feb 12, 2022 … a) The ‘Blogging Wizard Magic Blog Name‘ Formula · Digital Velocity = [digital marketers] + [high speed results] · Startup Bonsai = [small …


    Mar 26, 2021 … A good blog name is something that is short, unique, memorable, and contains your main keywords. Your blog‘s main keyword is the primary topic …


    Mar 23, 2022 … Subject Matter: What are you writing about? Target Audience: Who will read your writing? Blogging Motivation: Why did you create this blog in …


    Jun 30, 2022 … Make it a brand. Experiment with blog naming formulas. Invent a portmanteau. Use a thesaurus and special dictionaries. Adapt a popular saying.


    May 27, 2021 … Choose a style of blog name ; Glamela; Comode; Grubero ; Colour me Courtney; Sincerely Jules; Aww Sam ; Barefoot Blonde; Curls and Pearls …


    Sep 8, 2022 … Google recommends you choose a name that’s two or three words long. A name that’s much longer can be more difficult to remember. Should My Blog …


    Jun 22, 2022 … 1. Blog Name Generator by Themeisle · 2. DomainWheel · 3. Zyro Business Name Generator · 4. NameBounce · 5. Nameboy · 6. Wordoid · 7. Panabee.


    Jan 11, 2021 … The blog name will represent your unique point of view in your industry or niche. It should match the aesthetic of your blog and define the mood …

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