sgnic domain registration

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sgnic domain registration


    Welcome to SGNIC. SGNIC is committed to providing Internet registry and information services in an efficient, effective and reliable manner to enhance the …


    SGNIC accepts applications for 2nd and 3rd level domain names ending with .


    Domain names are registered on a first-come-first-served basis. Thus, the first …


    List of Registrars ·.SG Categories & Rules · SG Security & Safeguard – VerifiedID …


    What is SGNICID? SGNICID is a username that is issued by SGNIC to an …


    These addresses that get internet traffic to go to are called IP addresses. An …


    Technical – General … Is SGNIC a thick registry or thin registry? SGNIC is a …


    A foreign company may apply for a domain name if it appoints a local …


    .SG is the country code top-level domain for Singapore. SGNIC (.SG domains Registry) allows registering .COM.SG, .ORG …

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