sariamin ismail buku

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sariamin ismail buku


    Sariamin Ismail (31 July 1909 – 15 December 1995) was the first female Indonesian novelist to be published in the Dutch East Indies. A teacher by trade, …


    Sariamin Ismail ; Seleguri, atau gabungan kedua nama Selasih Seleguri. Novel pertamanya berjudul ; Kalau Tak Untung diterbitkan oleh Balai Pustaka pada 1934. Ia …


    Based on real-life experiences of romances gone awry, Ismail‘s first novel—”Kalau Tak Untung” (If You Are Unlucky)—was released under the pseudonym Selaish in …


    First published in 1933, Kalau Tak Untung (If Fortune Does Not Favor) is the first Indonesian novel written by a woman—Sariamin Ismail, who wrote under the …


    Jul 30, 2021 … Ismail was the first woman in Indonesia to publish a novel. She was born on this day in 1909 in Talu, West Sumatra, Dutch East Indies – which is …


    Jul 31, 2021 … Ismail‘s first novel Kalau Tak Untung (If You Are Unlucky) was released under the pseudonym Selaish in 1933. It “made history as the first novel …


    Jul 31, 2021 … Google Doodle hari ini menampilkan sosok Sariamin Ismail … seorang temannya menyindir Sariamin yang hanya bisa menulis dalam buku harian.


    Jul 31, 2021 … During the 1930s, Sariamin Ismail wrote for the literary magazine Poedjangga Baroe. She published her first novel, Kalau Tak Untung (If …


    Jul 31, 2021 … Ia sering memakai nama samaran Selasih dan Seleguri, atau gabungan kedua nama Selasih Seleguri. Novel pertamanya berjudul “Kalau Tak Untung” …

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