my iacuc uf

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my iacuc uf


    Faculty, who conduct research or educational programs using live vertebrate animals, are required to submit to the IACUC an application describing their …


    Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee Office … Offices are located in the …


    In the US, the use of live vertebrate animals in research and educational …


    At the University of Florida, the IACUC is appointed by the Vice President …


    Before working with vertebrate animals in research at the University of Florida (UF), the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) requires …


    1. You must be approved on an active IACUC protocol · Protocols can be accessed at goIACUC · ALL required IACUC training must be completed. · Personnel changes …


    1. Acquire Funding. Connect to UF Research for guidance on the funding aspect of the Research Lifecycle. · 2. Get Connected · 3. IACUC Protocol · 4. Facility …


    Anyone concerned with an animal’s welfare or aware of non-compliance with …


    The ACS-managed training courses below focus on a commitment to animal welfare, …

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