fint loan

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fint loan


    We are a tech platform that connects individual and corporate lenders looking to earn returns while making impact in Africa, with verified business borrowers …


    Total Payback. · Monthly Payback. ?0 /mo · Interest Rate. 0% · Loan Duration. 6 …


    Fint loan is a unique money lending product. The platform connects borrowers to lenders. On the loan website, investors register as lenders, and it connects …


    FINT isNigeria’s first debt financing marketplace. FINT is a debt financing marketplace matching investors looking for competitive returns with …


    FINT is a lending platform. Powering access to affordable credit and attractive returns. FINT Series’s profile picture. FINT Series.


    If you’re looking for ways to borrow money online in Nigeria easily, FINT loan is the way to go. FINT loans services are almost for everyone who is at least 21 …


    What is a loan origination fee? A loan origination fee is a one-time payment, usually ranging from 0.5% to 1% of the total loan amount, charged by the lender to …


    Thank you for contacting FINT. To get started with your loan application, first of all, you have to be a salary earner that lives and work in Lagos state.


    Fint is a scam, they collected my 3,000 and later I paid 100 for my card verification cos I needed a loan for an emergency, since November last year and up …

About FINT

About FINT

Published byPublished byFINT Technology Africa- 2018-04-10 15:16
Welcome to the “Better Rates, Better Returns” community. We are Nigeria’s first loan marketplace. FINT is a loan marketplace ……

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