Default comment mode for posts

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Default comment mode for posts


    The comment ranking setting is automatically turned on for all Pages. This means that the most relevant comments will appear first below your posts.


    That’s because Facebook shows the most relevant comments by default on public posts that qualifies for comment ranking. Moreover, the ranking of public …


    Change your default comment settings · If you have the Community tab: Choose your default settings under “Comments on your channel.” · If you don’t have the …


    You can also press Ctrl + Enter (or Cmd + Enter in MacOS) to post the comment. While it may take getting used to, this feature gives you better control of what …


    Sep 21, 2010 … From what I understand, you want to set pages and some custom post types to have commenting ‘off’ by default, while posts will still use the …


    You can enable or disable comments on all future posts by going to Settings ? Discussion. Under “Default Article Settings,” toggle the option Allow people to …


    I am looking for the same answer. I want my default setting to be ALL COMMENTS. Tired of having to change it every time on every single post. Did you ever find …


    Comments are enabled by default on posts and disabled on pages. You can enable/disable comments on post or page you already published using:.


    No out-of-box setting that I am presently aware of that would have new posts have commenting disabled by default. I am curious if your active theme maybe …

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