dedicated server contabo

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dedicated server contabo


    Dedicated Server Features … No noisy neighbours, no virtualization, the power of the entire physical bare metal server just for you. … You can choose from a …


    6 Reasons to buy a Virtual Dedicated Server with Contabo. Focused on providing German Quality. Since founding in 2003 …


    More Computing Power for Less | Award Winning Support from an Actual Person – not a Bot! | 6 Regions, 9 Locations | 99.996% Uptime over the Last 12 Months.


    1. Select your term length · 2. Region · 3. Storage · 4. Dedicated GPU · 5. Image · 6 …


    Top Spec Virtual Instance: EPYC 7282 8 Core, 64GB Ram with 480GB NVMe – Powerful Dedicated Resources.


    Get a Windows Server or VPS at Great Price with Contabo. … Windows on Virtual Dedicated Server S is a great solution for running a Minecraft or any other …


    RAM: 24 GB CPU: Intel Core i7 980 (6 x 3.33 GHz) Storage: 1 x 80 GB SSD …


    Rapidly scale up Virtual Private Servers as needed and benefit from fast NVMe storage, modern infrastructure and more … Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.


    Feb 17, 2015 … In our dedicated servers we use high-performance hardware. Rent your own root server with either Linux or Windows, already from 49.99 EUR …

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