dedicated dns server

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dedicated dns server


    What are the communities thoughts on a dedicated DNS server in a domain? We have several subnets in the domain as well. I am more thinking.


    The dedicated DNS solution includes every feature of the NS1 platform, including our API, Filter Chain technology for granular traffic routing, Data Feeds, …


    A Primary DNS server stores the zone files (DNS records) and is where changes to … Dedicated DNS is deployed on different servers, with separate network …


    DNS servers translate domain names into IP addresses, making it possible for … This all happens thanks to DNS servers: machines dedicated to answering DNS …


    Nov 18, 2011 … Your rDNS records will remain with your hosting provider. While they can delegate this, you won’t be able to use standard techniques to setup the PTR …


    SafeBrands is offering a new dedicated DNS server service, together with 17 years of experience in this area. DNS servers are the backbone of the internet, …


    Common OS servers cannot match the tuning that these appliances offer. DNS appliances benefit from all the same advantages that other network appliances do, …


    Your domain name (approved by InterNIC); The IP address and host name of each server that you want to provide name resolution for. *Note: Your servers may …


    DNS outsourcing for Hosting Companies; DDoS protection for DNS; Dedicated Anycast IPs and custom server names. Custom Server Locations; White-Label DNS …

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