cloudways domain registration

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cloudways domain registration


    1. Register Your Domain · 2. Launch Your Application and Server · 3. Map Your Domain & Manage DNS Records · 4. Secure Your Site Using HTTPS · 5. Configure Email Add …


    DNS refers to Domain Name System, which takes human-understandable domain name such as “” and translates it to an IP address (35.178.xx.xx) of …


    We don’t offer our own name servers as, by default, our platform doesn’t handle DNS queries for customers’ domains. You can use your domain registrar’s …


    First of all, you can’t purchase a domain from Cloudways directly, as it doesn’t offer domain registration services. If you don’t already own a domain, …


    Jun 24, 2020 … Subscribe to build a better website – Get Cloudways [Use …


    Aug 20, 2018 … How to point your domain in to Cloudways and setup a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. More here:


    Oct 23, 2018 … Step 1. Check IP address of Cloudways Hosting ; Step 2. Go to Godaddy ; Step 3. Fill your Username and Password ; Step 4. Click on DNS ; Step 5.


    Cloudways doesn’t offer a domain name registration. Therefore, you need to register a domain name somewhere …


    Connecting your Domain Name to Cloudways … First, click on Application on Cloudways‘ menu tab. Select the …

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