cloudflare domain registration pricing

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cloudflare domain registration pricing


    Cloudflare Registrar will only ever charge you what we pay to the registry for your domain. No markup and no surprise fees. Security features like two-factor …


    Sep 27, 2018 … ICANN imposes a $0.18 per year fee on top of that for every domain registered. Today, if you transfer your .com domain to Cloudflare, that’s …


    It offers essentially the same services as other domain name registrars but without markups, without increased renewal fees, and with some additional security …


    Feb 22, 2019 … Greetings, I’m aware that Cloudflare are doing ‘at cost’ domains of gTLDs, and that there’s a list of supported TLDs.


    Aug 4, 2022 … Here is the Cloudflare domain pricing for over 250 TLDs including .com, .net, org, and all others. Cloudflare gives you the cheapest domain …


    Sep 27, 2018 … Cloudflare has released the costs for registering .com, .net, .info, and .org domains. A .com domain would cost $8.03, a .net would cost $9.95, …


    Feb 6, 2021 … Costs me $30 to register IO domains on tucows but $60 on cloudflare!


    Feb 15, 2022 … Did you know Cloudflare sells domain names at wholesale cost? This is the absolute cheapest way to buy your domain name.


    Nov 24, 2021 … If you are looking for the cheapest place to purchase your domain, Cloudflare is the best domain registrar in 2022.

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