car protection companies

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car protection companies


    Jul 8, 2022 … #1 Endurance. Most Comprehensive Coverage. 9.2 ; #2 Carchex. Great Industry Reputation. 8.6 ; #3 Protect My Car. Most Maintenance Plans. 8.5 ; #4 …


    Jun 17, 2022 … #1 Endurance: Most Comprehensive Coverage · #2 Carchex: Great Industry Reputation · #3 Protect My Car: Most Maintenance Plans · #4 CarShield: Most …


    Best Coverage: Endurance · Best For Used Cars: CARCHEX · Best Maintenance Benefits: Protect …


    Jul 18, 2022 … Endurance: Best Coverage · CARCHEX: Best For Used Cars · Protect My Car: Best Maintenance Benefits · Autopom!: Best Claims Process · CarShield: Best …


    As a broker, Autopom! partners with four car warranty providers — Integrity Admin Group, EGV Cos. (Omega plans), Royal and Mercury General — to offer four …


    Jul 18, 2022 … CARCHEX is trusted by Allstate, AAA, RepairPal, CarAdvise, CARFAX, Edmunds. These top brands trust and recommend CARCHEX.


    The Best Extended Car Warranty Companies. Carchex; autopom! Endurance; Toco Warranty; Omega Auto Care; Infinite Auto Protection …


    Jul 11, 2022 … Compare our top 8 extended auto warranty picks …


    Jul 12, 2022 … The company offers five auto protection plans and covers vehicles up to 250,000 miles. Few providers offer plans for high-mileage vehicles past …

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