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    A 125% loan—typically a mortgage used to refinance a home—allows a homeowner to borrow an amount equal to 125% of their property’s appraised value.


    Under the HARP, you can refinance as long as the amount owed on your primary mortgage does not exceed 125 percent of …


    With a 125% second mortgage, however, you could borrow up to $145,000-so that your first and second mortgage debt totals $375,000, or 125 percent of the …


    A 125% loan is offered to existing homeowners who need to refinance their mortgage when their house is valued at less than the balance left on the loan.


    One of the Federal Housing Administration’s first responses to the crisis of underwater borrowers was to create the 125 Loan to Value Refinance Program (LTV …


    A 125 percent LTV home equity loan is a second mortgage that is at a rate that exceeds the home’s value. The loan subordinates to the primary mortgage but …


    A 125 percent loan-to-value (LTV) home equity refinance loan, simply called a 125 refinance, allows lenders to make mortgage loans for eligible borrowers …


    Dec 13, 2017 … Essentially, those who wish to borrow more than their home is worth can apply for one of these loans if they meet certain conditions. For …


    Know What Exactly 125 Loan to Value Home Equity Loans Are … A 125 ltv home equity loan is a credit service that enables borrowers to borrow money up to 125% of …

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