personal injury lawyer reddit

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personal injury lawyer reddit


    Plaintiff pays taxes on $3M, plus $1M to the lawyer, and is left with less than $1M. If I’d have known how much personal injury attorneys made, I’d have been …


    11 votes, 23 comments. personal injury lawyers — what does settlement actually look like? do you do any “closing” or “wheeling and dealing” like we …


    I was just wondering what opinion lawyers/soon to be lawyers have with practicing in personal injury. Is it viewed as the bottom of the barrel in …


    IMA ambulance chaser. I’m not sure what the interest level will be on this. I’m a long time lurker (reddit did NOT help me in law school) and I’ve …


    I am a Personal Injury Lawyer AMA!!! I will narrow the sort of questions I will take. Please do not ask me for legal advice or an interpretation of the law: …


    Nov 16, 2020 … I’ve seen a lot of big firm lawyers post on this sub and have no doubt that many have wanted to go solo but just don’t know how. I also am …


    The lawyer has not taken a dime up front with the hopes of a settlement. … Keep in mind that personal injury cases, unless extremely major do not pay out …


    My lawyer filed the complaint (demand letter?) to the insurance adjuster 1 month before my statute of limitations ran. I was told by other personal injury …


    I have been working in a setting that works closely with personal injury attorneys for almost 6 months now and always considered going back to …

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