my phone spec

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my phone spec


    My Device is a powerful yet simple app that lets you know all the essential details about your phone. Whether it be information regarding your System on …


    Nov 16, 2021 … To check your Android phone‘s specifications, we’re using an app called “Inware.” It’s a free app you can get from the Google Play Store, and as …


    Dec 8, 2021 … My Device – Device Info is a great app to check your specs, as you get access to view the most common specifications. However, this app also …


    Sep 10, 2018 … On Android-powered phones, opening your device ‘Settings’ menu and navigating to ‘System’ will show you details about you phone‘s display, CPU, …


    May 29, 2021 … Inware is a sleek Android app that can help you check different hardware properties of your phone. It’s only a little over 2MB, and with it, you …


    Sep 25, 2017 … Both CPU-Z and My Device are free (ad-supported) options for … Finding full specs for a phone or a laptop isn’t too challenging once you …


    The best, in my opinion, is to start with a google search by citing either the manufacturer’s name, or model number along with the manufacturer. You may not get …


    Full specifications of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Industry news, device comparisons, user reviews and ratings.


    Only phones with known prices will appear in the results. *In Free text field you can search for other features, not mentioned above. For example – “120Hz” …

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